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I'm Chuck Kinmond, Guru of Technoland at Learn All Things Digital......dot com. I've been building, fixing and breaking computers for almost 30 years. My specialty is Chromebooks, and IoTs: like Google Home, Amazon Echo. But, whether you need a training class, have an old device that needs repair or a cleaning I can save you money while protecting you online.

Services Offered but not Limited to
Classroom Training

Intro to Android and iPhone Cell Phone Usage

Did you get a new cell phone for Christmas and have no idea how to use it or maybe want to learn more? I will introduce the basic parts and functions of each phone.

The class length is 1 hour: 45 minutes of instructions and 15 minutes of Question and Answer.

Topics to be covered:

+ What are the parts that make up your cell phone?

+ What are the Google Play/Apple app Store(s)?

+ How do you choose Apps? How do you install Apps?

+ How do you backup your Documents and Photos? Bring your questions!

WHO: All ages
WHERE: Learn All Things Digital – 17 East Ave
SESSION III: Saturday, April 6 (Android)
SESSION IV: Saturday, May 4 (iPhone)
TIME: 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
COST: $15 per participant, per session

NOTE: Pre-registration required; no pre-requisite. This is a beginner class and students are encouraged to bring their phones. None will be provided. Minimum of 5 students needed. Registration and other class information can be found here.

Hardware / Software

We use your devices, your software to address your specific concerns

Lowest Cost & Convenient

We provide personalized service at a lower cost than the big box stores, and we will come to your home or where ever you are

Repair / Cleanup

While Learn All Things Digital is a training company we will repair your digital devices. (Desktop, laptop, tablet and cell phones.) We can also perform anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti-virus clean-up. Many of the applications are free.

We provide personalized service at a lower cost than the big box stores, and we will come to your home or where ever you are


PC Tune-Up

Virus/Spyware Removal

Memory/Hard Drive Upgrades

Hard drive install & Data Transfer

In-Home Wi-Fi Setup/Troubleshooting

In-Home Printer Setup/Troubleshooting

Streaming Media Devices (Roku, Apple TV) – Install, Create an Account, Configure, and Demonstrate features

Call if what you are looking for is not listed



Services – continued

The Cloud: What is the ‘Cloud’? How do I use the ‘Cloud’ for backing up? How do I use the ‘Cloud’ to store documents, files, photos?

Mobile Phones: (Android, iPhone or Windows Phone) Setup email, Install apps, Overall general use.

Tablets: (Android or iPad) Setup email, Install apps, Overall general use.

Social Networks: Signup for, new accounts, demonstrate how to use, connect with friends and loved ones.

Website Design:  Purchase your domain, create and maintain your business or personal site.