Welcome to Learn All Things Digital - 17 EAST AVE, HILTON NY

I'm Chuck Kinmond, Guru of Technoland at Learn All Things com. I've been building, fixing and breaking computers for almost 30 years. My specialty is Chromebooks, and IoTs: like Google Home, Amazon Echo. But, whether you need a training class, have an old device that needs repair or a cleaning I can save you money while protecting you online.

Services Offered but not Limited to
Classroom Training

Intro to Android and iPhone Cell Phone Usage

Did you get a new cell phone for Christmas and have no idea how to use it or maybe want to learn more? I will introduce the basic parts and functions of each phone.

The class length is 1 hour: 45 minutes of instructions and 15 minutes of Question and Answer.

Topics to be covered:

+ What are the parts that make up your cell phone?

+ What are the Google Play/Apple app Store(s)?

+ How do you choose Apps? How do you install Apps?

+ How do you backup your Documents and Photos? Bring your questions!

WHO: All ages
WHERE: Learn All Things Digital – 17 East Ave
SESSION II: Saturday, March 2 (iPhone)
SESSION III: Saturday, April 6 (Android)
SESSION IV: Saturday, May 4 (iPhone)
TIME: 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
COST: $15 per participant, per session

NOTE: Pre-registration required; no pre-requisite. This is a beginner class and students are encouraged to bring their phones. None will be provided. Minimum of 5 students needed. Registration and other class information can be found here.

Hardware / Software

We use your devices, your software to address your specific concerns

Lowest Cost & Convenient

We provide personalized service at a lower cost than the big box stores, and we will come to your home or where ever you are

Repair / Cleanup

While Learn All Things Digital is a training company we will repair your digital devices. (Desktop, laptop, tablet and cell phones.) We can also perform anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti-virus clean-up. Many of the applications are free.

We provide personalized service at a lower cost than the big box stores, and we will come to your home or where ever you are


PC Tune-Up

Virus/Spyware Removal

Memory/Hard Drive Upgrades

Hard drive install & Data Transfer

In-Home Wi-Fi Setup/Troubleshooting

In-Home Printer Setup/Troubleshooting

Streaming Media Devices (Roku, Apple TV) – Install, Create an Account, Configure, and Demonstrate features

Call if what you are looking for is not listed



Services – continued

The Cloud: What is the ‘Cloud’? How do I use the ‘Cloud’ for backing up? How do I use the ‘Cloud’ to store documents, files, photos?

Mobile Phones: (Android, iPhone or Windows Phone) Setup email, Install apps, Overall general use.

Tablets: (Android or iPad) Setup email, Install apps, Overall general use.

Social Networks: Signup for, new accounts, demonstrate how to use, connect with friends and loved ones.

Website Design:  Purchase your domain, create and maintain your business or personal site.